Most Popular Payment Methods in Online Casinos

If you are interested in any sort of gambling and want to move from a land based casino to online casino then there are two preliminary things which need your attention.  The first one is to find a reputed online casino and the other one is to learn about the popular payment methods for all of your financial transactions.  Being able to transact quickly and securely is of paramount importance.  The other thing is the accessibility and the operational easiness of such method.   There are many popular payment methods provided by online casinos which can be used to deposit and withdraw money.

In order to provide details of such methods, we have gone through and reviewed some of the best options in this field.  The top rated popular payment methods, currently provided by online casinos, include the following.

Debit, Credit, Prepaid Cards

Debit cards are quite popular as a payment method for online casinos.  While using such facility a player transfers the money from his personal bank account to that of the casino.  While doing so no interest is payable to the bank.  This form of online transaction is quite popular in Europe, especially in United Kingdom.  The most popular debit cards include Visa, Switch, Maestro, Electron and Laser.

Credit cards are also quite popular for depositing money.  While using a credit card, a player takes money from a lender on interest.  If he or she is able to return the money in a stipulated time period then there is no interest otherwise a certain percentage of interest is charged.  The most popular credit cards include Visa, American Express and Mastercard.

Entropay and PaySafecard are the two most preferred prepaid payment methods.  The Entropay is a payment method that provides the user with a virtual prepaid Visa card and a prepaid Mastercard.  You can transfer funds in this card by using either debit or credit card.  PaySafe card is quite popular in Europe.  You can buy these cards from authorised outlets.  If a top up is required you can buy it from the retailer.

Online Casino Banking

Online banking is considered as one of the most trusted methods to transfer and receive funds from the online casinos.  The rising popularity of this method can be attributed to the fact that banks have made phenomenal improvements in the security related with online transactions.  The facility to send and receive money by this method is easily available and one can do such transactions from the safety of the  home.  Apart from banks there are other online money transfer service providers such as Neteller, PayPal and Skrill which also help in online deposits for online casinos.

E-Wallet Services

The best thing about using E-wallets is the fact that you can store all your debit and credit card information on a single site.  Whenever a deposit transaction is required you can just select one of your card options to make the payment.  In other words, E-wallet can be described as a type of electronic digital card which can be used for making online payments via a computer or smart phone device and it is password protected.   Some of the top ranking E-wallet service providers include PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and EcoPayz.

Bank Wire

This is one of the greatest money transfer options for the people who are not well versed in online transactions or computer savvy.  This method is used to transfer money from bank or a financial company to other company or individual’ s account.  In order to avail such services, one is required to use wire transaction facilities provided by the local bank branch or a finance office specializing in such activities.  While using wire transfer, it must be kept in mind that there is a fees associated with such transaction.  This fees varies from amount to amount of money being transferred or received.  The other popular methods under this category include money transfer services such as Western Union and MoneyGram.

e-check Services

It is nothing but an electronic version of the good old check.  This method requires much lesser time and resources for each transaction.  By this method, money is electronically transferred from your account and deposited directly to online casino’s account.  This transaction is processed by using ACH network.  This transfer can be also done by a bank or financial company by using the information provided by the payer on a paper check. The e-check is a combination of security, speed and process with that of the infrastructure and the process used for the original check verification system.

Cryptocurrency Transfer

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency used all over the world.  In today’s world cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are used for availing all sorts of services and for purchasing merchandises via online transactions.   As a result, now there are some online casinos which accept cryptocurrency for making deposits and redemptions.  Before opting for such services, it is always better to check whether such transactions are allowed by your state jurisdiction.