The game of blackjack is over 150 years old and yet you still find the same old, outdated, inaccurate and, frankly, stupid tips on how to win at blackjack.You will hear players saying they have a system or they can sell you their product that will guarantee riches in a matter of hours when using this sure fire method. But the truth is, if your not a card counter (and even that is not 100%) all you have is common sense plus your own gut feeling when gambling at any casino games. The purpose of this blackjack tips article is to make the blackjack player think and use his or her head when taking on the house at any casino.

Here are 5 must know tips that will help you enjoy your time at the blackjack tables

Tip #1 ” Know when to stand

The standard version of casino blackjack means that the dealer can only stand on 17 or above. So, unless the dealer busts, you are unlikely to win a hand where your cards are lower than 17.So, when the dealer shows eight or above for his card, you should take the hit. The chances of the dealer busting out are low. However, if the dealer shows a 6 or lower and you have 11 or more, you should stand. In this situation, the dealer has a 40% or more chance of going bust.

Tip #2 – When to Double Down

When you have two cards with a total of 10 or 11 and that total is more than the dealer’s up card, you should double down. Otherwise, just take a hit.You receive an additional card when you double down. You must do this everytime you think you are going to beat the dealer by doing so. There is a solid benefit to playing at tables that allow doubling down, so look out for that both online and offline.

Tip #3 – Know when to Hit
If the dealer’s card is a seven or higher, and you have from 12 to 16, you will have to take a hit. However, if the dealer has lower than a seven, you must stand. The odds are that the dealer will bust out. The most he can get is 16 and he will have to take a hit, meaning he is likely to bust.